Real Life Photos: 2018 BMW X3 M Sport Model

A 2018 BMW X3 pre-production model with the M Sport package was spotted in South Carolina, near the Spartanburg plant. For 2018, the X3 is all new, featuring a completely new design language, all-new interior, a new chassis, new engines and new technology. This might be the most comprehensive overhaul of a BMW in quite some time.

Lighter components, a refined axle kinematics as well as a much more powerful power distribution for the all-wheel drive xDrive are to ensure noticeably better driving dynamics. Optionally, the M sports suspension, with a tighter spring-damper tuning and tougher stabilizers, the Dynamic Dämpfercontrol DDC or the variable sports steering, ensure an even more agile driving behavior.

As always, the M Sport Package brings some differentiators to the exterior design. The front bumper features a more aggressive styling than the regular models, while the interior is adorned with an M Sport steering wheels, aluminum pedals, and M badges throughout.

The 2018 BMW X3 also embodies the high technological standards of the BMW Personal Co-Pilot assistance package, which we already know from other series. The Active Cruise Control ACC takes the throttle and brake on demand and controls the mid-class SUV even in the event of traffic jam and stagnation, without the driver being held in the lane by the steering and tracking assistant. As a result, the X3 has the same autonomous driving capabilities as the 5 Series, 6 Series and 7 Series models.

In the first half of November, the engine range includes two diesel engines and one petrol engine. The BMW X3 xDrive20d uses the 19o-hp four-cylinder diesel B47, under the bonnet of the BMW X3 xDrive30d is the tried-and-true B57 engine with 265 hp. The top-of-the-range sports car and the only petrol engine will be the BMW X3 M40i with 360 hp, which accelerates in just 4.8 seconds on country road speed.

The weaker petrol engines BMW X3 xDrive20i with 184 hp and X3 xDrive30i with 252 hp will be available with a slight delay in the months following the market launch. Both use the turbo four-cylinder B48. The BMW X3 sDrive20i with rear-wheel drive remains initially reserved for other markets. Other engines like an iPerformance plug-in hybrid and the BMW X3 M40d are still not officially confirmed, but ultimately only a matter of time.

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World Premiere: The BMW 7 Series Edition 40 Jahre

To celebrate 40 years of its existence, the 7 Series get a new special edition and limited model. The BMW 7 Series Edition 40 Jahre models are being produced in a limited quantity of 200 units and tailored to individual customer specifications at the BMW Dingolfing plant, which has served as the birthplace of these luxury sedans since as far back as 1977.

The new model features exclusive exterior and interior design features and will be making its world debut at the 2017 Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA).

There is a choice of two variants – The exclusive BMW Individual colour Frozen Silver metallic and the BMW Individual body colour Petrol Mica metallic which takes up on the tradition of discreet and elegant shades of blue used on the bodywork of BMW luxury sedans. Both colors offer unique iridescent effects and a unique impression of depth. The colors, which are applied in a particularly elaborate process, come in conjunction with the M Aerodynamics Package, the BMW high-gloss Shadow Line and 20-inch BMW Individual light alloy wheels in a V spoke design. A further exterior design feature is the edition signet designed exclusively for the model anniversary and located on the B pillar coverings and on the door sills.

Inside the edition models you can find the BMW Individual full leather trim Merino fine grain in the colour combination Smoke White/Cohiba or Smoke White/Black with hand woven piping in Smoke White matching perfectly with the BMW Individual Alcantara Smoke White roof liner. Moreover, BMW 7 Series Edition 40 Jahre models are all fitted with comfort seats both at the front and rear. BMW Individual interior trim strips are offered either in a black piano lacquer finish or in the high-grade wood finish Eucalyptus straight-grained Smoke Brown high gloss, depending on the upholstery colour.

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Within the area of the instrument panel on the front seat passenger side they boast an edition signet. The exclusive flair is rounded off by two Smoke White comfort cushions from the BMW Individual manufactory, which, like the headrests, also bear the edition signet, as well as by floor mats in Smoke White with either black or Cohiba brown edge binding respectively.

Apart from painting and design, the 200 customers, are spoiled for choice: the short wheelbase G11 as well as the long version G12 can be ordered with any of the motors available to the 7 Series. The BMW 7 Series 40-year edition is available with four, six, eight and twelve cylinders, ranging from the 740e iPerformance plug-in hybrid with four-cylinder and electric assistance to the M760Li with V12 biturbo.

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Photo Gallery: 2017 BMW 1 Series Hatchback 3 and 5 door

After its refresh two years ago, the BMW 1 Series hatchback went through a mild update this summer. What’s surprising about this is that BMW recently gave the 1 Series an LCI Facelift a couple of years ago, dramatically improving the frumpy looks of the original. BMW rarely, if ever, gives a model two updates in one lifecycle, so doing it to the soon-to-be-defunct 1 Series seems like a way to make amends for replacing it with a front-drive model.

BMW offers several different models for the 1 Series, including the Edition Sport Line Shadow, Edition M Sport Shadow and BMW M140i Edition Shadow special editions which give the 1 Series Hatchback a bit of extra sportines with a black kidney grille, black inserts in the LED headlights and darkened LED rear lights. There will also be two new color options, Sunset Orange and Seaside Blue.

The biggest news comes inside, though, as the 1 Series gets the same cabin upgrades as the new 2 Series Coupe and Convertible. So the main dash trim starts from the center air vent stack and moves outward, rather than starting from the outer air vent and moving inward. It also gets BMW’s new iDrive infotainment system, featuring the new tile-based design and touchscreen capability, if the premium nav system is optioned. The instrument cluster has also been updated to the same on that the 2 Series got, which looks a bit more premium and upscale.

To highlight some of those changes, BMW has given us a new set of photos.

2017 BMW 1 Series Hatchback 5-door

2017 BMW 1 Sereis Hatchback 3-door

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BMW Group statement concerning current media reports condemning diesel

Due to current media reports, the BMW Group considers it has become necessary to make its position regarding recent allegations clear.

As a matter of principle: BMW Group vehicles are not manipulated and comply with respective legal requirements. Of course this also applies to diesel vehicles. Confirmation of this is provided by the results of relevant official investigations at the national and international level.

The BMW Group categorically rejects accusations that Euro 6 diesel vehicles sold by the company do not provide adequate exhaust gas treatment due to AdBlue tanks that are too small.

Technology employed by the BMW Group is clearly differentiated from other systems in the market. We compete to provide the best exhaust treatment systems: unlike other manufacturers, BMW Group diesel vehicles employ a combination of various components to treat exhaust emissions. Vehicles which use urea injection with AdBlue (SCR) to treat exhaust emissions also employ a NOx-storage catalytic converter. With this combination of technologies, we fulfil all legal emissions requirements and also achieve a very good real-life emissions performance. This means there is no need to recall or upgrade the software of BMW Group Euro 6 diesel passenger cars.

In addition, the combination of both systems, together with exhaust-gas recirculation, requires a lower level of AdBlue injection and leads to a very low AdBlue consumption in comparison to other manufacturers. This enables an optimized tank size while also achieving very low emissions in real-driving conditions. Furthermore, BMW Group diesel vehicles have a simple refill solution through the tank lid or engine hood, depending on the model. BMW Group customers are informed by the vehicle in good time and repeatedly concerning a low AdBlue fill level. If this is ignored, the vehicle eventually prevents operation.

From a BMW Group perspective, the objective of discussions with other manufacturers concerning AdBlue tanks was the installation of the required tanking infrastructure in Europe.

In addition, the BMW Group confirms its commitment to conduct a voluntary software upgrade of suitable Euro 5 diesel passenger cars at no cost to customers. This upgrade incorporates knowledge gained in the field over the last years to realize further improvements in emissions. We deem this to be a part of a comprehensive and joint plan of measures involving municipalities and the industry, to further improve inner-city air quality without across-the-board driving bans, within the context of the “Diesel Summit” on 2 August 2017.

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VIDEO: BMW M4 vs Audi RS5 Coupe vs Mercedes-AMG C63 S Coupe

The BMW M4 and Mercedes-AMG C63 S Coupe have been doing battle ever since the latter came out. These two cars have very different skill sets. One is a track-oriented, precision performance car. The other is a tire-smoking hooligan with a lovely interior. So there’s a specific customer for each car. But what about their newest competitor, the Audi RS5 Coupe? That car sort of splits the difference between the two, in terms of target and scope. But which one is fastest? Carwow finds out in this newest video.

So they lined all three cars up for a standing drag race. The Audi RS5 was being driven by Carwow’s Mat Watson and the BMW M4 was driven by Paul Wallace, of Supercars of London. The BMW M4 has a 3.0 liter turbocharged I6 engine that makes 425 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque. That power is sent through a seven-speed DCT to the rear wheels. As for the Mercedes-AMG C63 S Coupe, it has a 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 making 503 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque which sends power through a seven-speed DCT to the rear wheels as well. The Audi RS5 is the most different car of the trio. It has a 2.9 liter twin-turbocharged V6 that makes 450 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque, all of which is sent through an eight-speed ZF-auto to all four wheels.

So which of the three is fastest in a quarter-mile drag race? Off the line, the Audi RS5 uses its Quattro all-wheel drive grip to fire off the line ahead of the other two. The M3 and AMG stay pretty neck-and-neck for the beginning of the race, while the RS5 simply leaves them for dead. Halfway through the race, the AMG pulls ahead of the Bimmer and starts catching the RS5. Though, it can’t catch up quick enough, as the race ends with the RS5 winning, the AMG in second and the BMW M4 in third.

Next up is a rolling drag race, to see which is quickest to accelerate while already on the move. So all three cars start rolling at 50 mph and are lined up next to each other at speed. On the count of three, they all put their foot down and the result isn’t all that shocking. The AMG, with by far the most power, simply obliterates the other two. What’s surprising is that the RS5, which dominated off the line, loses this race to the Bimmer as well.

So the RS5’s Quattro grip allows it to be fastest to launch off the line. But it’s the AMG’s monster power that makes it faster in the real world. The BMW M4 is the slowest off the line, thanks to the least amount of torque here and its overly aggressive rear diff.

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VIDEO: BMW M3 vs Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio vs Mercedes-AMG C63 S Part 3

DriveTribe has been comparing the three best sport sedans against each other in a variety of different tests. So the BMW M3 Competition Package, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio and the Mercedes-AMG C63 S have been doing battle in a drag race, then a lap time battle and now a track battle to see which is the most fun.

All three of these cars are brilliant in their own way. In the drag race, DriveTribe gave the Mercedes-AMG the win, as it was the fastest car outright to 150 mph. Though, the Alfa was faster than the AMG on shorter distances. In the lap time battle, the BMW M3 was the fastest car of the three around Angelsey. Now, these three cars are put around the track to see which is the best to drive. Forget lap times, forget measurable figures, just plain old fun.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia goes first and it’s genuinely good to drive. There was a lot of fear before the Alfa came out that it wouldn’t be any good to drive. Fear that it would be pretty and fast but would fall apart when the twisty stuff came. However, that’s not the case. The Alfa is brilliant fun to drive and it’s extremely exciting. Its steering is fast and responsive and its dynamics are lovely. It’s a genuinely athletic car and doesn’t need to just have spikey “sport” modes to make it seem fun. Though, DT’s Jethro Bovington isn’t in love with its eight-speed auto, which he says isn’t as sharp as the dual-clutch ‘box in the Bimmer. He also doesn’t like the brake pedal, which is placed oddly and makes it awkward to use.

Next up is the BMW M3. Bovington isn’t actually a big fan of the standard BMW M3/M4. Like many enthusiasts, he feels that they’re technically impressive but lack the emotion that previous M cars seemed to have. This new Competition Package M3 brings a new sharpness, though, that seems to quell a lot of the issues Bovington previously had. So the steering is sharper and the rear end feels more planted. There’s a hint of understeer but its controllable and you can really play with the tail on corner exit. It’s also the most controllable car to slide when you want to. He still doesn’t love the engine, which can feel a bit uninspired, but admits the Competition Pack really changes it on the track and it’s very impressive.

Lastly is the AMG, which is typically a bit of a German muscle car. When trying to set lap times, it’s not the best. It’s too heavy and too powerful, making it too slidey. But when you don’t care about lap times, the AMG C63S is a hilarious hooligan. The engine remains a typical AMG psychopath, with massive power, a fantastic noise and the capability to destroy its rear tires at will. What’s new, though, is its ability to be a sharp driver’s car. While it isn’t as tactile as the M3, it’s still very good to drive fast on a track and is much improved over previous AMGs. Even areas where you might think it would fall down, such as its brakes or its lap times, it impressed. It has its issues, like its slow-ish gearbox and the need to constantly replace its tires, Bovington considers it to be the best car in the test.

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Marco Wittmann finishes in third place to make it onto the podium for BMW in Moscow

Marco Wittmann (GER) finished on the podium in third place in the ninth race of the DTM season, at the Moscow Raceway (RUS). A year after his win at the same venue, he got BMW’s tenth podium position overall at the track just outside the Russian capital. Wittmann clocked the fastest time in qualifying and was rewarded with three points in the drivers’ standings. However, he started from sixth on the grid because of a penalty after the Norisring weekend. Timo Glock (GER) in fifth, also picked up valuable points and is now seventh in the overall standings, ahead of Wittmann. The other BMW drivers missed out on the points, victory went to René Rast (GER, Audi).


The qualifying session:

Marco Wittmann (GER) got the best time of the session with 1:27.035 minutes in his Red Bull BMW M4 DTM and was rewarded with three points in the drivers’ standings. However, he wouldn’t start from pole position because his third warning of the season at the Norisring (GER) meant that he had a five-place grid penalty for Saturday’s race in Moscow. This saw Augusto Farfus (BRA) in the Shell BMW M4 DTM move up a place after recording the fourth-fastest time in qualifying making him the best-placed BMW driver in third on the grid. Right behind him was Timo Glock (GER) in the DEUTSCHE POST BMW M4 DTM in fourth place. Tom Blomqvist (GBR, BMW Driving Experience M4 DTM) was in eighth place. Bruno Spengler (CAN, BMW Bank M4 DTM) and Maxime Martin (BEL, SAMSUNG BMW M4 DTM) qualified in eleventh and 15th place, but also moved up a place after Loic Duval (FRA, Audi) was awarded a penalty.


The race:

In a turbulent opening phase, Augusto Farfus, Marco Wittmann and Timo Glock settled into third, fourth and fifth place. During this Glock was embroiled in a close battle with Mattias Ekström (SWE, Audi), which saw him receive a warning. On lap three, as Farfus attempted to move into second place, he came into contact with Mike Rockenfeller (GER, Audi) and was forced off the track. The Shell BMW M4 DTM suffered damage, Farfus then dropping to the back of the field after the early pit stop. Maxime Martin and Tom Blomqvist also fell down the order after early stops. At the end of lap 11, Glock overtook Wittmann in the battle for third place. The reigning champion regained the position after the round of pit stops. Wittmann was then involved in a fierce duel with Robert Wickens (CAN, Mercedes). He initially had to let the Canadian pass, but regained the podium position in the closing stage of the race. Glock finished fifth, Spengler in 12th missed out on the points, as did Martin in 16th place. Farfus and Blomqvist returned their damaged cars to the pits early. The win went to René Rast.


The reactions:


BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt: “After fighting performance, Marco Wittmann finished on the podium. That is a fantastic result after he got the fastest lap in qualifying and then had to start the race from sixth due to the penalty from the Norisring. Timo Glock in fifth also picked up points. Overall, we could have got more out of today but the tough manoeuvres of some of our rivals prevented that. Mike Rockenfeller’s behaviour towards Augusto Farfus was far from sporting. It ruined Augusto’s race, but we are pleased with the points from today and will really go for it tomorrow.”


Stefan Reinhold (Team Principal, BMW Team RMG): “After the great team result in qualifying, it goes without saying that I am delighted with our podium success in the race thanks to Marco Wittmann and with Timo Glock in fifth place also picking up points. I feel very bad for Augusto Farfus. He was doing a fantastic job right from the word go this weekend and started from third on the grid. Then what happened to him in the race – I’m talking about the manoeuvre with Mike Rockenfeller – leaves me lost for words. It was very dangerous. We’ll be taking another look at it.”


Marco Wittmann (#11, Red Bull BMW M4 DTM – Grid position: 6th place, race result: 3rd place – 65 races, 8 wins, 17 podiums, 8 pole positions, 587 points, 2 drivers’ titles): “From sixth on the grid, the race went well for me as a whole. It’s always nice to finish on the podium. I got off to a good start, then I had a few good duels with Timo Glock and Robert Wickens. Robert overtook me temporarily and was able to build up a lead. Towards the end of the race my pace improved continuously and I was able to manage the tyres well. This enabled me to get closer – and reclaim third place. Without the penalty on the starting grid I could have done even better, but it doesn’t matter. We can build on today’s result.”


Augusto Farfus (#15, Shell BMW M4 DTM – Grid position: 3rd place, race result: retired – 75 races, 4 wins, 12 podiums, 5 pole positions, 351 points): “I’m very disappointed. We could have come away with a lot of points today. I was engaged in a duel with Mike Rockenfeller. I feel that his reaction to my attack was overly aggressive. I was clearly on the inside, then he blocked me and tried to push me off the track, which I feel was very unfair. I’m surprised that he got away with a warning. My race was certainly over after that.”


Timo Glock (#16, DEUTSCHE POST BMW M4 DTM – Grid position: 4th place, race result: 5th place – 65 races, 3 wins, 7 podiums, 2 pole positions, 283 points): “It was a tough race, and it seems like Mattias Ekström and I won’t be buddies in Moscow. The duel with him going into turn three was very difficult. He kept moving in from the outside. We came into contact two or three times. After the duel, I had a good pace in the first stint but I had to battle on the second set of tyres. I don’t know why this was the case, maybe because my car was damaged at the front right. I had a great deal of understeer and the front right tyre was vibrating. Fortunately, I was able to finish in fifth place. I couldn’t have improved on that. It’s great that Marco Wittmann made it onto the podium. That means our race Saturday had some measure of success.”


Bart Mampaey (Team Principal, BMW Team RBM): “We attempted an alternative strategy with Maxime Martin, but then didn’t have the best pit stop which saw him drop back. The pace was ok. The tyres lasted 37 laps, which is really good in Moscow. Tom had a collision at the start, which damaged the car. Bruno’s pace was okay, but he ended up in the middle of a group of cars after his stop. We knew that it would be close. He battled, but was overtaken by Müller and lost ground on cold tyres. It’s a real shame, but that’s racing.”


Bruno Spengler (#7, BMW Bank BMW M4 DTM – Grid position: 10th pace, race result: 13th place – 148 races, 15 wins, 47 podiums, 17 pole positions, 801 points, 1 drivers’ title): “Today really wasn’t my day. We were unlucky in qualifying with the second set of tyres; we could have had a better result. I was in tenth place in the first stint of the race and the car felt good. After the stop I was unable to keep my rivals on warm tyres behind me. I got stuck behind Nico Müller for a long time – and then my tyres wore down. Then there was nothing more that could be done.”


Tom Blomqvist (#31, BMW Driving Experience M4 DTM – Grid position: 8thplace, race result: retired – 44 races, 1 win, 5 podiums, 2 pole positions, 187 points): “I didn’t have a good start, which meant that I was under pressure from a few of the other drivers at the start. My car was damaged by a collision in the turmoil, which meant that I was unable to finish the race.”


Maxime Martin (#36, SAMSUNG BMW M4 DTM – Grid position: 14th place, race result: 16th place – 55 races, 3 wins, 9 podiums, 3 pole positions, 309 points): “We decided to change the tyres after the first lap, seeing as we had to start the race from so far down the field. Unfortunately, we had a problem during the pit stop, which meant we lost time. Then I was stuck behind Edoardo Mortara. 16th place is not a good result, but tomorrow is another day.”

The standings:


Drivers: 1. René Rast (99 points), 2. Lucas Auer (95), 3. Mattias Ekström (93), 4. Maxime Martin (78), 5. Jamie Green (77), 6. Mike Rockenfeller (73), 7. Timo Glock (70), 8. Marco Wittmann (64), 9. Gary Paffett (61), 10. Robert Wickens (56), 11. Paul di Resta (53), 12. Bruno Spengler (43), 13. Edoardo Mortara (40), 14. Nico Müller (36), 15. Tom Blomqvist (15), 16. Augusto Farfus (6), 17. Maro Engel (3), 18. Loic Duval (0).


Teams: 1. Audi Sport Team Rosberg (176 points), 2. Mercedes-AMG Motorsport BWT (135), 3. Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline (129), 4. BMW Team RBM (121), 5. Mercedes-AMG Motorsport Mercedes me (117), 6. BMW Team RMR (85), 7. Audi Sport Team Phoenix (73), 8. BMW Team RMG (70), 9. Mercedes-AMG Motorsport SILBERPFEIL Energy (57).


Manufacturers: 1. Audi (378 points), 2. Mercedes (309), 3. BMW (276).

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