BMW 530e might be worth buying over 530i

Such a sentiment is heresy to most car enthusiasts. “Buy a hybrid over a normal combustion engine? Madness.” However, at least in the case of the BMW 530e iPerformance, the hybrid variant might actually be the better car than its gasoline equivalent.

In this new review from Engadget, they make the argument that the BMW 530e is the car to get over the standard 530i. The reasoning starts with the price. Both cars have the very same starting price of $52,400. This is unusual, as most hybrid carry a price premium over their gasoline counterparts, which makes customers weigh the fuel cost savings over the extra cost of the car over however many years they plan on owning it. But customers no longer have to with the 530e.

Both cars are quite similar, too. Both the BMW 530e and 530i use a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with an eight-speed automatic and rear-wheel drive to start (all-wheel drive is an option for both). Both also make the exact same total horsepower, 248 hp. The only difference in powertrain is that the 530e gets an electric motor to help aid its turbo-four. That not only increases efficiency but provides a torque boost, to the tune of 310 lb-ft, over the 530i’s 258 lb-ft. That electric motor also adds low-down thrust, adding power at zero rpm. So the 530e is actually the quicker car.

Though, that’s not really the point, is it? The reason for spending the same money on the 530e over the 530i is that you get a more efficient car, save some money on fuel and help aid in the ongoing fight to save our planet. All without having to spend extra on the actual car.

It also seems like a much better value, getting the BMW 530e over the 530i. The former is just more car for the same price. It comes with an advanced hybrid powertrain, while the latter comes with just a normal four-pot. The 530e also has the ability to drive completely on electric power alone, while the 530i can’t, obviously.

As an enthusiast, if you can get over the idea that hybrids are somehow less enjoyable than standard gasoline or diesel-powered cars, the BMW 530e seems like a no-brainer.

[Source: Engadget]

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Video: 2019 BMW M340i Spotted Doing the Rounds on the Ring

While we’re all looking at spy shots and videos of the upcoming BMW 8 Series and its M version, some other models that are also in testing these days might be overlooked. I’m referring, of course, to the new BMW 3 Series that is bound to be revealed next year as well. And while we all would love to buy and drive home an M850i, most of us will actually afford a 3 Series instead. The BMW M340i is shaping up to be the weapon of choice for enthusiasts already and the video below shows it going round the Ring.

The prototype is heavily camouflaged and we can’t really make out any distinctive design features but according to various sources inside Munich and even the saying of some officials, the new 3 Series will be differentiated from its bigger brothers and in a quite evident way too. Apparently, the big wigs in Munich agree that the cars need a more differentiated design and in that regard, the upcoming new models will have more character.

What that means exactly remains to be seen but it will apparently involve a new front fascia with the headlights separated from the kidney grilles, just as the new BMW X3 is sporting these days. Inside the cabin things will change as well, with the design moving forward, following what has been shown on the 8 Series Concept. Earlier spy shots showed a new design for the digital instrument cluster, one the mimics the what the 8er previewed.

Then there’s the performance. The M340i will be the only choice for those wanting a straight six petrol mill which is both good and bad. It’s good because you’ll get a lot of performance for the buck. The upgraded B58 engine will pack some 360 HP under its belt and 500 Nm (369 lb-ft) of torque, which, combined with xDrive, will turn the 3er into a proper, fast sedan. What remains to be seen is whether the M340i will be made available with a manual gearbox as well, while the 8-speed ZF automatic will surely remain the more preferred choice worldwide.

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Photo Gallery: BMW Celebrates 40 Years of Motorsport Talent Promotion

This year, BMW’s Motorsport driving schools turn 40 and the occasion couldn’t just be ignored by officials in Munich. Therefore a special event was held in Maisach, bringing together people who graduated from the school in the past and eventually wrote history as well as young hopes for the days to come.

The guest list included legends like Jochen Neerpasch, the first managing director of BMW Motorsport GmbH and founder of the first BMW Junior Team in 1977, as well as Eddie Cheever and Marc Surer, two of the BMW Motorsport Juniors from that time. It was the first time in German automobile racing that a manufacturer had put together a team consisting solely of juniors. This long tradition makes BMW stand out from other manufacturers involved in motorsport.

Ever since the pioneering efforts of Jochen Neerpasch, the promotion of young drivers has been one of the central pillars of the BMW Motorsport philosophy, and is now more important than ever. Among those present was Jesse Krohn, who successfully graduated from the program as “BMW Motorsport Junior of the Year 2014” and is now a permanent fixture in the BMW GT driver line-up.

As well as interviews and video recordings, the anniversary event focused primarily on a photo shoot with the historic BMW 320 Group 5, with which the first BMW Junior Team caused such a stir in 1977, as well as the BMW M6 GT3 and the BMW M4 GT4 – the two cars the current BMW Motorsport Juniors are racing with. Surer also completed a number of drift laps in a BMW M car with the current Juniors.

Over the course of the past four decades, the BMW concept for promoting youngsters has produced numerous successful racing drivers, who have won races and titles in a wide range of series around the world. They include well-known drivers such as four-time Formula 1 champion Sebastian Vettel, as well as current BMW works drivers Timo Glock and Martin Tomczyk.

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BMW Unveils Vision E³ Way, a New Concept for Future Transportation

Day by day it’s becoming abundantly clear that big city centers are growing more and more crowded. Solutions for congested city centers have been applied around the world but the process doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Since a growing number of people are moving to the proverbial city, this is bound to cause even more headaches in the future for administrators of city grids. That’s where BMW’s Vision E³ Way concept steps in, bringing a bold proposition to the table.

The BMW Vision E³ Way is a project which shows a visionary mobility concept that is designed not just to specifically address the challenges faced by megacities – such as traffic congestion and air pollution – but to provide a solution that is both simple and effective. It consists of an elevated road concept for electrically powered two-wheel vehicles which links key traffic hubs in urban conurbations.

The three E’s stand for “elevated”, “electric” and “efficient” – the concept’s defining properties. The use of roadways that are elevated above existing roads means the project generates additional traffic capacity. The elevated road is simple and modular in design, economical to build as a result, and provides a fast, direct link between key traffic hubs, making it the perfect alternative for commuters traveling up to 15 km (10 km). This makes use of the elevated road very efficient not only in terms of cost but also as regards travel time, according to BMW.

“The BMW Vision E³ Way opens up a whole new dimension of mobility in overcrowded conurbations – efficient, convenient and safe. It works by simply creating space for two-wheel zero-emissions traffic,” explains Dr. Markus Seidel, Director BMW Group Technology Office China. “In China, more than a billion people will be living in cities by 2050. The country will become the global incubator for numerous mobility innovations such as the BMW Vision E3 Way,” Seidel adds, “after all, nowhere else is there such an urgent need for action.”

Ramps and sluice systems are used to connect the BMW Vision E³ Way to the regular road network, underground stations, other traffic hubs, and even shopping malls. By shifting single-track mobility to its own spatial level, the BMW Vision E³ Way makes daily commuting not just faster but safer, too. The fact that is used solely by electrically powered two-wheel vehicles means that collisions with cars are ruled out. The general risk of accidents is further reduced by means of an automatic speed limit of 25 km/h.

The concept is meant to be used by all people. Therefore, for those who do not own an electric, two-wheel vehicle, a sharing scheme can be put in motion, to serve their needs. Furthermore, the suspended roads are covered so that they can protect the travelers from rain or head. According to BMW, a cooling system with purified rainwater creates pleasant temperatures, a feature which can also be used to clean the road surface at night.

Initial feasibility studies demonstrate that a concept such as the BMW Vision E³ Way can significantly reduce congestion, emissions, travel time and the risk of accidents. Traffic flow is permanently optimized by means of automated video surveillance systems and artificial intelligence as well as through the integration of smart city ecosystems. And the best thing is that its modular design and free scalability make the concept essentially suitable for use in any megacity.

The BMW Vision E³ Way forms part of the BMW Group strategy NUMBER ONE > NEXT. It has been developed by the BMW Group’s “Research, New Technologies, Innovations” division which has offices in Mountain View (CA), Shanghai, Tokyo and Seoul.

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Video: BMW 530i Drag Races Volkswagen Arteon in Unusual Standoff

Few people actually remember, but back in the first years of production, the BMW F10 5 Series had a 530i on offer. It used a 3-liter naturally aspirated straight six engine and even came with a manual gearbox if you so desired. It was the enthusiast’s choice, as it was one of the last Bimmers to come without forced induction. Those days are over though and now some audacious people are even comparing that car to a Volkswagen.

In their defense, we’re not talking about any VeeDub here, but about the most stylish and fresh offering from the Germans in Wolfsburg, the Arteon. Launched earlier this year, the four-door sedan (or coupe, depending on what you want to call it) is replacing the CC and it has the looks to do so according to most of the media. I’m don’t share their opinion, in case you were wondering, mostly due to that over-complicated front end with way too many straight lines, but let’s not digress.

Of course, that being a VW and having a BMW on the other side of the drag strip doesn’t seem like a fair fight but looking at the specs, they do come close. The 530i with its naturally aspirated engine used to make 272 HP and 310 Nm (229 lb-ft) of torque. They allowed the 5er to reach 100 km/h (62 mph) in 6.6 seconds if it came with the 8-speed automatic gearbox. With the 6-speed manual, things were a bit faster at 6.5 seconds.

On the other hand, the Arteon here seems to be the top of the range version, which uses a 2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine taken from the Golf R, making 280 HP and 350 Nm (258 lb-ft) of torque. It also comes with 4Motion all-wheel drive and a 7-speed gearbox. VW claims it will do 62 mph from a complete stop in 5.6 seconds but, to be honest, it doesn’t seem that much faster than the considerably older BMW it goes up against here. It also jumps the gun when launching which gives it the upper hand in the end, as throughout the race, the difference between them seems to stay the same until the end.

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BMW M5 First Edition – Five Units For Australian Customers

Limited to only five Australian vehicles out of a global 400 production run, the BMW M5 First Edition’s exclusivity is assured.

“BMW Australia is over the moon with the specification and pricing levels we’ve achieved for the all-new M5,” said BMW Group Australia CEO, Marc Werner.

“Now to bring out this very special M5 First Edition to five very lucky customers, with even further enhanced specification and exclusive specifications makes for an even greater continuation of the M5’s story,” he said.

Sharing the new BMW M5’s shattering 441kW/750Nm 4.4-litre V8 engine and switchable all-wheel drivetrain, the M5 First Edition selects from the BMW Individual portfolio to deliver even higher levels of ambience.

Finished exclusively in BMW Individual Frozen Dark Red metallic paintwork, the BMW M5 First Edition rides on Jet Black 20-inch M light alloy wheels.

The exterior also benefits from the Individual High Gloss Shadow Line, with extended contents including the Kidney Grille, M side Gills, exhaust pipes, rear M spoiler and body colour door handles, replacing the chrome M5 items.

Inside, BMW Individual Full Leather Merino upholstery is finished in Smoke White, with red contrast stitching. Interior trims are finished in high-quality BMW Individual Piano Black.

Other key specification highlights include:

  • BW M Carbon Engine Cover
  • ‘M5 First Edition 1/400’ signet on centre console trim
  • 16-speaker Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System
  • Active Seat Ventilation, front seats
  • Four-zone Automatic Climate Control
  • Rear seat Entertainment Professional
  • TV Function
  • BMW Gesture Control
  • Automatic Soft Close door function
  • Roller sunblinds to the rear and rear side windows
  • Ambient Air
  • Exclusive interior floor mats in black, with white border piping and red stitching

BMW M5 First Edition pricing: $229,900

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BMW first to launch try before you buy Snapchat filte

BMW goes fully digital in their purchase funnel. According to The Drum, BMW is the first brand to use Snapchat’s new AR ‘augmented trial’ Lens which lets customers visualize how products look in the real world before purchase.

The brand is using the technology to promote its latest and funkiest X SUV – the X2 – allowing Snapchat users to interact with a virtual 3D version of the car as they would in a garage showroom.

BMW said in a statement that it is hoping the playful medium will help it attract a younger audience. Jörg Poggenpohl said the tool allows it to “enrich” users’ digital experience through content they find appealing, with a high recognition value.

“We wanted to insert ourselves in an organic way into the Snapchat environment and its users’ world. That is the most meaningful way to address our fans in a style that fits the channel and the target group,” he added.

Snapchatters can customize the AR version of the car, changing the colour and moving it around to view it from different angles. When individuals swipe up on the Lens they are served a vertical video ad from BMW.


BMW is set to launch the X2 in Spring 2018.

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