BMW China Sales Soar 39%

BMW’s China sales rose to an impressive 39 percent share in China, after April sales numbers were reported this week. BMW topped its chief rivals Daimler and Volkswagen with a total of 48,869 units.

Mercedes-Benz’s sales rose 35 percent (47,627 units) in April, while Audi saw a sales decline of 6.9 percent to 46,166 vehicles.

Earlier this month Ford reported April unit sales of 4,533 Lincoln-brand luxury cars in China, a gain of 95 percent year over year. Year to date, Lincoln sales in China have more than doubled this year.

BMW and Mercedes both report sales in China that are an order of magnitude higher than Lincoln sales and four times higher than Cadillac sales.


According to Automotive News, BMW plans over the next five years to double its production capacity in China to more than 600,000 light vehicles.

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