CoffeeShop Sponsor: Pretty Preset’s Fan Faves Preset Collection SPECIAL SALE!!!

Pretty Presets is a sponsor of my site and also the only Lightroom presets I use besides my own. They have their Fan Faves Limited Edition Collection on special $25-off (only $39) for the next 48-hours. You can read all about it below!


Fan Faves 2017release1  1

[48-Hours Only] Fan Faves Limited Edition Collection

Back by popular demand… our FAN FAVES LIMITED EDITION! We’ve had SO MANY requests to bring back this AMAZING collection! This will NOT be released again!! This is your LAST CHANCE to enjoy exclusive presets in the Fan Faves collection, as well as some of our most popular retired presets and of course a selection of our current fan favorites. Come check out our Fan Faves Limited Edition Collection.
Today, you can save $25 off (normally $64, on sale for $39)! Don’t miss out on this 48-HOUR SALE! Get them before they’re retired. They will not be brought back.
So, not only is this collection filled with all the TOP PRESETS for quick edits, but it will also cut your editing time drastically. Not to mention the fun you’ll be having with your new collection of presets. What are you waiting for?  Come enjoy them here!
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As I was searching through all the different preset bundles, I found myself only really needing a couple from each one. Found the favorites bundle and KNEW I HAD to get it. Used them on my most recent shoot and my client was SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY! Definitely will be purchasing the next faves bundle. -Britany C.
One of my favorites! I bought this one at the last second when I hadn’t planned on buying more just yet, and glad I did. This is becoming my go-to, it has so many great presets in one collection! -Jennifer W.
I am so glad I purchased the Fan Faves, these presets are great and it has speeded up my workflow. -Dorothy R.
Where normally I tend to favor only a handful of presets from a bundle. I truly found all from Fan Faves, my faves. Loving all these presets. –-Sandra M.
Love, love, love!
I love how easy Pretty Presets are to use, as a mom spending lots of time on the computer is not on option. They make both my job as a photographer and mom possible! -Alesha B.
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