3 Tips for Windows That Expose Your Bathroom to Light Without Exposing You

In this short post, we’ll cover 3 tips for windows that expose your bathroom to light without exposing you, including: louvered & low-set windows, window treatments and green walls.

Image Source: Flickr

Louvered & Low-set windows
Louvered glazed panels are a great way to create a large window, but are also a means of controlling airflow. If privacy is not an issue, you can flood the interior with natural light via fully transparent louvres while enjoying the cool breezes.

If privacy is an issue, the answer is white translucent glass. You can still control the ventilation but also the amount of transparency by adjusting the louvres to the angle that suits you.
TIP: If you don’t have a spare wall in which you can incorporate a large floor-to-ceiling window, consider putting one of the shower cubicle walls to good use. Just be sure to choose a water-resistant material for the window frame, such as aluminums.

A great way to enjoy the outside garden but also enjoy your privacy is to incorporate a long and narrow floor window that allows the bathroom to extend to the outside world. In a long bathroom such as this, the low-set windows not only maximise the light coming in, but also serve to make the space look bigger. Source: Houzz

Window Treatments
Yes, window treatments are a thing even in the bathroom. Decorative and breezy shades are a great way to let light through and still experience privacy. Curtains will bring a decorative element to your bathroom with minimal effort.

If you don’t love the look of shades in your bathroom, then go for something more structured and modern like wood blinds. Blinds are nice for allowing in light during the daytime and avoiding onlookers in the evening. Source: ImproveNet

Green Walls
A green wall built outside near a bathroom with a window wall of clear glass can lend both privacy and bright light. The sight of greenery is also soothing in itself.

These windows and window treatments are great ideas for allowing in the beauty and peacefulness of natural light while providing for the privacy needed in a bathroom. Source: AlairHomes


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