2018 BMW i3 Sport production begins in November

At the 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show, BMW will unveil a new version of the i3 electric car. The BMW i3S – short for Sport – will be the top model of the electric range with a series of subtle styling updates that help to visually differentiate it from its four-year-old predecessor and performance improvements. Built upon the current i3, but with tech and features from the upcoming i3 facelift, the i3s is expected to deliver between 10 and 15 more horsepower than the current model – which offers 168 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque – enough to propel the i3 from 0 to 62 mph in 7.3 second. The slight bump in power will offer a faster standard sprint.

The front-end will feature a re-profiled front bumper housing new slim line fog lamps in place of the round units used today, altered LED headlight graphics, revised sills underneath the doors, reworked tail-light lenses, a deeper and reshaped rear bumper, new alloy wheels and a wider range of optional two-tone exterior colour schemes. The body kit has also been extended by a few millimeters while the standard tires have been enlarged as well, for a beefier look.

Inside, the new i3 Sport will receive a mild facelift, mostly consisting of the new trims and upholstery options. It is rumored though that the new electric vehicle will bring to market some new technology updates, but those are unclear at the moment.

The increased performance of the i3S iPerformance is achieve through a number of detailed chassis tweaks, including the adoption of a 40mm wider front track and a 10mm reduction in ride height over the standard version of the updated i3. BMW has also reprogrammed the dynamic stability control system of the i3 to provide the facelifted model with added grip and traction in wet conditions.

The new i3 Sport will enter production this November and it’s expected to arrive at dealers at the beginning of the 2018.

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