BMW E32 7 Series conquers the land of Dracula

Transfagarasan is a mega-road, built by communists who feared the invasion of other Communists. It’s also in the middle of Transylvania, the feared land of Dracula. Furthermore, it’s one of the best driving roads in the world, and if our word is not good enough, then Jeremy Clarkson’s might be.

Last month, BMW Romania hosted their annual Concourse d’Elegance where a plethora of BMW classic cars were displayed, or driven to. One of those car is the iconic E32 7 Series. The 1993 BMW 750Li E32 had the most kilometers on board (if 29,000 seem to be many), but was in mint condition. You can see our quick review here.

The second generation of the BMW 7 Series (E32) is released in 1987. The idea was to create an elegant and dynamic vehicle for the business class. For the first time in BMW history, the typical L-shaped rear lights appeared at the BMW 7 Series.

Some luxury options included integrated telephone and fax machines, a wine cooler, double glazing, traction control system, and a system that automatically increased spring pressure on the windscreen wipers, to keep them firmly pressed on the glass at Motorway speeds.

In 1987 a V12 engine was introduced in the form of a 750i limousine. The E32 (750i) was the first car adhering to BMW’s self-imposed speed limit of 250 km/h (155.37 mph). The E32 also introduced the extended wheelbase version (indicated by an ‘L’ from German Lang, after the model number) with extra rear leg room compared to the standard 7 Series. In 1991, world first series production low beam Xenon high-intensity discharge headlamps (Litronic, only low beam) were introduced on the 750iL.

BMW continued to produce this model from 1987 to 1994 with 5 different variations. This car is the epitome of the Ultimate Driving Machine.

Click through the photo gallery below.

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