PHOTO GALLERY: BMW M Track Days at Circuit of the Americas

From July 26th until August 2nd, BMW is hosting one of its M Track Days at the Formula 1 track in Austin. Circuit of the Americas is arguably one of the fastest tracks in the world and home of the United States Grand Prix, so any opportunity to drive on this fantastic circuit is welcome with open arms.

BMW M is the organizer of this unique track experience, hosted on many race tracks around the world. The U.S. portion started at Monticello (NY) in May, Homestead (FL) in June, COTA (TX) in July/August, then on to the West Coast at BMW’s Performance Center West.

The M Track Days costs only $250 and includes Lead-Follow Track Lapping, Autocross, Drag Race / Stop Box and Instructor Hot Laps. BMW will also provide its entire fleet of cars, from the compact M2 to its M SUVs.

We were also invited this week to experience all the M cars, including some equipped with M Performance Parts. Our first article can be found here, featuring the M2 M Performance Parts. More stories will follow in the next few days, but for now, enjoy this photo gallery.

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