Rendering artist imagines the upcoming BMW X7

With less than a month before its world debut, the upcoming BMW X7 gets rendered once again. Largely, or even solely inspired, by the smaller X5 SUV, the X7 rendering was created by Aksyonov Nikita and features proportions typical of a true seven seater, coupled with a wider track and a high ride height.

However, it’s noticeably longer and has more of a rear greenhouse than the X5. We can also spot rectangular exhaust tips, which seem quite wide and could signal a more powerful engine in this particular car. The side view is less exciting though, it only features a bland character line and the now the typical “hockey stick.”

One thing is certain though – the X7 shouldn’t be as heavy as it looks. Based on BMW’s new CLAR (cluster architecture) platform, the BMW X7 will feature extensive uses of carbon fiber, aluminum and magnesium in its construction, making it lighter than SUVs of its size typically are.

The upcoming BMW X7 will be the brand’s largest, most luxurious SUV and will act as a sort of flagship for the brand. It will pack three rows, with seven seats, making it ideal for larger families. It will also pack all of the same technologies as the 7 Series, possibly even more.

With its X7, BMW joins Jaguar, Bentley and Maserati to the list of automakers aiming to cash-in on the boom of high-end SUVs – Aston Martin (DBX crossover), Lamborghini (Urus), Rolls-Royce (Cullinan) and Maybach (the G65 4X4-2 Landaulet).

 BMW will launch an X7 Concept at the Frankfurt Auto Show, with a fuel-cell drivetrain.
[Source: Carscoops]


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