VIDEO: BMW M5 is “Too Incredible” in new teaser

Let the hype train begin. The next-generation F90 BMW M5 is on its way and will be making its debut quite soon. In the meantime, fans are getting very excited for what could be the best M5 in a long time. To add to that hype, BMW has released a new teaser video of the F90 M5, titled “Too Incredible”, continuing the brand’s “Too Much” theme.

In this video, we get a short, up close clip of the new M5 driving in the desert. The paint it’s wearing seems to be some sort of Frozen Maroon. It has a maroon-ish color and looks matte from the very brief glimpse of it that we get (Is it weird to think Frozen Maroon is cool? I’m asking for a friend). After that, we see it doing a very long slo-mo drift through sand. I guess BMW is showing off its all-wheel drive capability and that it can do big, four-wheel drifts. Looks fun, though. That’s about all we get of the new M5 in this brief teaser. Though, it should still excite the fanbase.

The next-generation BMW M5 will be one of the most interesting cars to come from BMW in a long while. It’s groundbreaking in that it will be the first BMW M5 to have all-wheel drive (or any M car, for that matter) and it will be the fastest production BMW of all time. With over 600 hp from its twin-turbocharged V8, the next-gen M5 should be able to hit 60 mph in about 3.2-3.3 seconds, which is faster than any other stock BMW in history.

Naturally, fans are waiting rather impatiently for the debut of the new M5. This teaser video should only stoke the fire of excitement. We can’t wait until August 21 and we’re sure that you can’t either. Stay tuned.

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VIDEO: BMW 5 Series Touring reviewed by Carwow

Grr, BMW, grr. We want the BMW 5 Series Touring here in the ‘States. It looks great, has all of the same great driving characteristics as the sedan and has more practicality. However, the 5 Series Touring is forbidden in the US, thanks to American buyers being wieners. Europeans get it, though, and they seem to like it quite a bit. As evidenced by the Carwow video review.

In this video, we see exactly why enthusiasts want BMW to bring the 5 Series Touring Stateside. Firstly, it looks great. It’s one of the best looking wagons on sale, if not the very best looking. The sedan looks great, too, but the wagon looks better. At least in the eyes of this stylistically-challenged editor. But it’s not just the looks. Inside, there’s quite a bit more rear headroom and far more cargo space. This allows owners to fit their whole family and their gear in the car with no problem.

It even has some really cool features, like the ability to fold the rear seats down and use the cargo net to block the rear cargo space off from the front passengers. For someone who frequently puts their muddy, sandy dog in the back, this feature would work wonders for me and my family. It’s stuff like that you just can’t get on a sedan.

You might think that an SUV would suit features like that better. And that’s true, I guess. But in an SUV, you can’t do that and then tackle a canyon road and have some fun. The new BMW 5 Series is a great handling car and one that can still be fun to drive. Especially when fitted with the adaptive M suspension. It’s also quick, too, if you fit it with one of the six-cylinder engines.

In this video, we see the BMW 530d Touring and its 3.0 liter turbocharged I6 diesel engine is a peach. It’s surprisingly smooth yet still packs one helluva punch. With 261 hp and 457 lb-ft of torque, the 530d Touring can get from 0-60 mph in about 5 seconds. That’s pretty quick for a luxury wagon. It also gets pretty good fuel economy, considering how powerful it is.

As far as tech, luxury and interior quality go, the new 5 Series is superb. While its design might be as flashy as the E-Class’ or as soothing as the Volvo V90’s, it’s material quality is better. So is its tech, as BMW’s iDrive is the best in the business. It’s also quiet on the inside, almost matching the Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

All-in-all, Carwow’s Mat Watson claims that you should shortlist the 5 Series Touring if you’re in the market for such a car. He claims it isn’t the best premium wagon but it’s right up there with the best.

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What BMW Concept Z4 styling cues will make it to production?

The new BMW Concept Z4 is here and it’s quite possibly the prettiest concept to come from BMW yet. The Bavarians seem to be on a roll with their concepts, as the recent 8 Series Concept is also a real stunner. But this new Concept Z4 might be even better looking. Thanks to its pretty looks, fans are naturally wondering how much of this concept’s styling will make it to production. So we thought it might be interesting to take a look at the new concept and the spy shots we’ve seen of the BMW Z4 to take a stab at figuring it out.

So, at first glance, it’s quite obvious that the production Z4 will be significantly smaller. It will be a small, lightweight and nimble roadster, which is relieving. The Concept Z4, while gorgeous, is quite large and looks almost like a GT car. Though, despite the size difference, the proportions are actually rather similar. The hood still points way low and stretches out far ahead of the driver. Both cars have short rear decks and the driver seems to be sitting just ahead of the rear axle.

At the front, the new Concept Z4 is obviously far more cartoonish than the production car will be. However, we can see some similarities just front the spy photos. The Kidney Grilles are very wide and stretch out toward the headlights. The headlights also have a similar, angular shape to them. So it’s still going to have an angry face, seemingly, just not as angry.

Out back, it’s obvious that the production car will lose the double-bubble-style roof. But there are still some similarities. The exhaust pipes, while not as extreme, look quite similar and the taillights on the production car are wide and narrow. Though they’re not anywhere near as narrow, they still have a similar vibe. Also, both cars seem to have a built-in decklid spoiler. Again, the Concept’s is more extreme but it is a concept. From the rear angle, we can see that the production Z4 has a large Air Breather as well, which should look good.
While the Concept Z4 is obviously far more cartoonish and exaggerated than the production car, there are similarities. This bodes well for the new BMW Z4, as it should show it some resemblance to this stunning concept.

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Manhart Performance Reveals New Photo Gallery of MHX6 800 Uber-SUV

The BMW X6 M would be declared by many to be an uber-SUV even in stock guise. With its aggressive styling and massive amounts of power, seemingly capable of running down anything in its path, the BMW X6 M is without a doubt a force not to mess with. When a tuner like Manhart Performance gets involved though, things go to a whole new level with everything about the car reaching new heights, from the styling, to the power output.

Speaking of which, as the name suggests, this BMW MHX6 800 X6 M by Manhart now has no less than 823 PS and 1,100 Nm (811 lb-ft) of torque coming out of the same 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 under the hood. With such figures, one has to wonder just what kind of magic the tuner did to make sure the gearbox doesn’t crack under the newfound pressure. Since the Sports Activity Coupe sends all of its power to all four wheels at the same time, this thing is probably a rocket on the road.

As far as visual changes go, the MHX6 800 received a new vented hood, new splitter attached to the front bumper, Manhart racing stripes going from the kidney grilles to the boot, a new spoiler for the rear hatch and golden accents on the sides. The rear bumper now houses a new diffuser encompassing the quad tailpipes of what we assume is a Manhart exhaust while the wheels have also been changed.

Inside the cabin we can notice the new Manhart badge replacing the blue and white roundel in the middle of the steering wheel while the dash now has an Awron gauge replacing one of the vents. That’s definitely going to come in handy as the working parameters of the car were surely changed and quite extensively so.

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MINI JCW Countryman Now Available in Australia for AUD57,900

With MINI migrating to a whole new level with the Countryman, one has to wonder what market would be best suited for it. Having just stepped out of a Countryman myself, I can easily imagine the crossover from Britain being a perfect weapon of choice for Australia, thanks to its higher ground clearance as well as drastically improved interior space. Now fans of the brand can also order the Countryman in JCW guise.

The John Cooper Works Countryman is now available in Australia and prices start at AUD57,900. That’s roughly $45,800 at today’s exchange rates and around $8,000 more than what customers have to pay for it in the US. Not to worry though, Australians are used to considerably high prices. At the same time, the cars they get for these added premiums are a lot better equipped than the standard ones we get in the US.

The standard kit on the Australian MINI JCW Countryman includes Mini’s Navigation Professional unit, a 12-speaker Harman Kardon stereo,head-up display with JCW-specific content (driving speed, navigation info, phone and audio lists, engine revs, gear indicator, shift point), autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control with stop and go function, front and rear parking sensors and semi-automated parallel parking system, rear-view camera and speed limit information. It also comes standard with LED headlights and a hands-free tailgate.

As it is the case with most JCW models, the brakes are now Brembo and the wheels are JCW-specific 19″ alloys. There’s also an intelligent differential up front to make sure you don’t understeer into oblivion while the interior is also decked with JCW bits and pieces. Under the hood hides the familiar 231 PS 2-liter 4-cylinder engine other JCW models also have at their disposal to play around with but in this case it’s sending its power to all four corners of the car.

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MINI Clubman Masterpiece and MINI Hatch Ice Blue Edition Coming Soon

MINI plans to unveiled two new special edition models in the near future according to various news outlets from Australia. Drive reports that the MINI Clubman will be getting a so-called Masterpiece Edition, a limited-run version that will come with some bespoke features to set it apart from the rest of the range. The new car will be shipped in just 30 units to Australia but we have no word on whether it will be available in other parts of the world as well.

The news apparently comes from the MINI product specialist, Daniel Silverwood and it was shared at this week’s launch of the MINI Countryman JCW in Australia, held in Victoria. According to him the Masterpiece will be based on the Cooper S model which means it will be using a 2-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine good for 192 HP. On top of that the special edition will come with a White Silver metallic paint on the outside, complemented by a black roof, mirror caps and racing stripes on the bonnet.

18-inch wheels in an exclusive Masterpiece design will complete the package alongside the upgraded infotainment system inside the cabin, taken straight from the more recent Countryman. The price tag will be set at AUD55,390 which is some AUD11,000 more than the standard Clubman in Australia. However, MINI representatives claim that the added equipment sums up costs of about AUD18,000 which should make this a rather good deal for those interested in the Clubman Masterpiece edition.

As for the MINI Hatch Ice Blue edition, it will follow after the October launch of the Masterpiece and it will also be available in limited numbers, 20 for each body style, to be more precise. The special edition model will come painted Ice Blue and will have 16-inch alloy wheels, a black roof, black mirror covers and black bonnet stripes. The interior will be dominated by a Satellite Grey theme with custom floor mats while on the outside LED headlights and driving lights will light up the front end. To be available starting this November, the Cooper-based Ice Blue hatch will start at AUD34,650 for the 3-door version and AUD35,950 for the 5-door.

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Video: BMW 340i Takes on Ford Fusion Sport on the Track

When one mentions the BMW 340i and its rivals, he or she doesn’t necessarily include the Ford Fusion Sport into the mix. There are plenty of reasons why that doesn’t happen, from the fact that Ford isn’t really a rival for BMW to the specs of the two cars. And yet, there’s a Youtube channel out there that loves to do this kind of mash-ups and it’s called The Fast Lane Car. We kinda got used to their comparisons so here goes another one, done on the same track they got us used to.

The BMW 340i and the Ford Fusion Sport are close in only one regard: size. Other than that, one other similarity I could find was that they are both fitted with 6-cylinder engines but that’s about it. Whereas the Bimmer uses a traditional straight six architecture, its B58 3-liter turbocharged engine developing 320 HP, the Ford uses a V6. Its engine in turn uses forced induction as well and the 2.7-liter V6 delivers 325 HP and 350 lb-ft (474 Nm) of torque to all four corners of the car. At this point, we should also mention that the BMW falls behind in terms of torque with its 332 lb-ft (450 Nm).

So, as you can see, the Ford seems to have the BMW on the ropes when it comes to power. But is the Bavarian going to simply lie down and take a beating? Not likely, if we know anything about German power. And the poor Fusion Sport found out the hard way what BMW ratings mean as the American got owned both in the 0-60 mph sprint as well as when it came to doing a full lap. That said, it’s quite interesting to see that the price difference between them does make sense.

While the Ford came out even using the BMW in its marketing campaign. claiming it comes with more power for a considerably lower price tag, the video below shows exactly why that is. It’s not only about benchmark numbers but also about how the ponies are put down and the Germans are still ruling this game, at least in the 3 Series segment that is.

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